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"If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable." 
                                                                            -Louis Brandeis

  • I will reduce waste of taxpayer money and free up municipal police, by utilizing certified, insured, trained and approved Constables for warrant service, prisoner transport and other necessary duties.

  • I will operate an independent court, free from political influence and corruption. 


  • I will Immediately create a warrant task force in order to address the growing number of unserved warrants currently collecting dust in the court!


  • I will WORK for my paycheck and for my constituents! I vow to work full-time hours, and be available to the citizens of the community more than just one day per week!


  • I will unite with School Resource Officers, school administrators, parents and students to address current issues in schools, with a restorative justice approach, striving to eliminate and prevent a "school to prison pipeline".


  • I will refuse to take “No” for an answer when it comes to incarcerating someone who has proven to be deserving of jail time i.e. repeat offenders, felony warrants, violent crimes.


  • I will help to benefit the community by bringing back mandated community service programs, where non-violent offenders can contribute to society, and have the opportunity to develop valuable job skills by working off their debt.


  • I will model my court after many highly successful Community and Problem-Solving Courts with the same ideals and values. Offenders can be linked up with the appropriate non-profit programs to handle issues regarding mental illness, addiction, disability, health and psychological wellness, domestic violence, and job training and acquisition.

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